The mission of the 机器人程序 at St. 安德鲁的 is to use robotics to inspire: skills to innovate, leadership to collaborate, and passion to compete.
在圣. 安德鲁的, we are a robotics program that inspires students to be math, 科学, and technology leaders by building skills, 激励创新, and fostering self-confidence, 沟通, 和领导能力. We participate in the FIRST 机器人 League, a program powered by a mission-driven global robotics community and evidence-based programs designed to ignite curiosity and encourage exploration.

St. 安德鲁的 FIRST 机器人 teams are made up of Grades 2-3 and 4-5 in the 较低的学校; Grades 6-8 in the 中学; and Grades 9-12 in the 上学校. 每年, FIRST 机器人 teams are challenged to research a real-world problem, then create an original solution for that problem, plus design and build a robot to accomplish “missions” on a competitive playing field. The theme changes each season, requiring teams to be extraordinarily creative. 机器人 teams meet weekly in the Fall and Winter.


  • 高中机器人

  • 中学 机器人

    FLL #: 30918
  • 较低的学校 (Grades 4-5) 机器人

    FLL #: 33127
  • 较低的学校 (Grades 2-3) 机器人

    FLL #: 10986

上学校 FTC Robot 历史



  • 2022-2023 高中机器人 Team

    Alex Myler and Liam Graham, '23 Captains

    2023 Robot Design Award
  • 2020-2021 高中机器人 Team

    Brain Alewine, Will Kaine, Alex Myler, CJ Schlegel, '21 Captains

    Fulton MD Regional Hybrid Competition

  • 2019-2020 高中机器人 Team


    Capital Technical University MD Qualifier
    Winning Alliance (First Place)
    Design Award (Second Place)

    Annapolis Qualifier 1
  • 2018-2019 高中机器人 Team

    Ashley Cheung ‘19 Captain

    Blue and White Qualifier York, PA

    Annapolis Qualifier 1
    Finalist Alliance (Second Place)

    Montgomery County Qualifier 1
    Finalist Alliance (Second Place)

  • 2017-2018 高中机器人 Team

    Andy Harris ‘18 Captain 

    Annapolis Qualifier 2
    Design Award (Robot Design)
    Winning Alliance (First Place)

    Qualified from Annapolis
St. 安德鲁的 Episcopal School is a private, coeducational college preparatory day school for students in preschool (Age 2) through grade 12, 位于波托马克, 马里兰.